Big Bag Logistics

Big Bag Handling Rack for Logistics

The MP Box can be used as a big bag frame or big bag rack. In this case, the removable walls are very convenient for the handling operations of big bag materials, making the logistic adaptable, effective and cost reducing.

Stacking with 5 Times the Stacking Height up to 5.000kg Load Capacity

The function of the four walls of the MP Big Bag Rack is to hold the big bag in the right shape allowing it to stack the big bags up to 5 times the stacking height (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg) in your warehouse. With this option, no further racking system is required.

Optimized Truck Load Capacity

By stacking big bags in the MP Big Bag Rack, the space in the truck is smartly used, at the same time providing high stability for the cargo. In that way, you can save on transport costs. For example, by using two of our 110cm high MP Big Bag Racks plus pallet, a full height of 250cm is achieved, and the truck loading place is fully optimized.

Adaptable Height on Demand

The complete product line of the MP Big Bag Rack comes with different pallet sizes and offers the customer the choice of picking the required height. The inside height of the standard options comes as follows (in mm) per pallet size.

800x1200mm 1000x1200mm
700mm 800mm
1050mm 1100mm
1100mm 1200mm
1400mm 1600mm
1800mm 1900mm
2200mm 2200mm

On demand, it is possible to attain the MP Big Bag Rack in exactly your required specifications.


The MP Big Bag Rack find a common use as a big bag holder convenient for a wide range of logistic processes, such as:

  • Internal transport of bulk, preforms or components, fluids paste, granulate, pellets.
  • Road-, train & Sea Transport.
  • Stacked storage (5x 1.000kg) in the warehouse.
  • Robotized warehouse systems with required uniformity and safety guidelines.

The collapsible MP Big Bag handling rack makes a difference to big bag logistics making it more flexible, effective and costs reducing. The benefits are notable for transport, storage, and handling.

Economical with High-Quality Standards

The designers of the MP Big Bag Rack have developed it with great attention to details. The materials used are all of high quality, what makes this product durable to withstand many logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>15 years) in various industrial circumstances.

The galvanized metal parts of the big bag holder make the MP Big Bag Holder suitable for outdoor use.

With low operational costs and zero maintenance, simultaneously providing high quality in performance, the MP big bag racks are an effective and economical choice for logistics.

Distinctive Advantages

In comparison to other big bag frames and holders like Mobilrack Manurack, or Indus, the MP Multibox comes with two distinctive advantages:

  • The transport is manageable with no risk of swinging when the truck is cornering
  • Notable side protection of the content of your big bag


For bigger projects, our company is glad to offer its customers the option of leasing and pooling on request.



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