Automotive Pallet Box
On the Fachpack 2018 in Nürnberg Germany we are introducing our newest model the “Automotive MP Box”

This MP Box is made of only steel and plastic, resulting in a pallet box with a low weight and at the same time a high loading capacity.

Plastic & steel
The MP Box constists of wooden planks between steel rims, making it a unique and very durable industrial pallet box, used over decades now by many large companies world wide.

Due to the fact that certain companies -many of them working the automotive sector- want to avoid any wooden parts in their production plan, we have been designing and engineering an MP Box in which the wood is replaced by plastic. Due to the reinforcement with steel rims it has at the same time a higher than normal loading capacity.

This Automotive MP Box is standard made in the following pallet sizes:
-   80x120cm
- 100x120cm
-   80x240cm
- 100x240cm

Height varies between 35 cm height up to 220cm height!

Walk in
As a special model the Walk-in pallet box can be made in all of the above sizes. The special chartacteristcs of this “Walk-in” model hase many advantages, as there are the following:
- easier and faster loading & inloading, because you can just walk in and out the pallet box
-safer logistics in your racking systems: goods cannot any longer fall of the pallet when they are stacked in your warehouse.

Custom made
Please note we can make our MP Boxes also to your exact specifications. Dimensions and height can vary in order to fit your processes and machines for 100%. Customisation is already possible for relatively small series.

9 September 2018