An example of a process in which the Walk-In pallet box is used, can be seen in the accompanying video.

Walk-In Pallet Box
Heavy and upstanding products can be put from the conveyor belt directly into the Walk-In Pallet Box. In the video this loading process is still done manually, but at least the Walk-In system saves the person from back pain, and also gives extra speed to the process.

In the case of the company BN (video) the Walk-In pallet boxes after loading are stored in a high racking system. For reasons of safety the heavy products obviously needed a secure protection from falling of the pallet.

Order Picking
After storage in the high racking system the pallet boxes are frequently taken for order picking.
Herefor easy access of the content was necessary. Also for this reason the Walk-In pallet box provided an ideal solution.

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14 March 2018