Bulk Materials Handling

Bulk Containers with dosed discharge

Hopper Bottom with Dosed bottom discharge

The Collapsible MP Bulk Containers with its gravity feed offers a flexible solution for an effective process of packing, storing, transporting and discharging bulk cargo or components directly from or into the production or assembly line. These models come with a central outlet in their hopper bottom, for dosed discharge.

For the need of transporting and unloading all kinds of bulk materials, MP Packaging has developed the foldable MP Bulk-boxes, which are convenient for easy, quick and safe loading of small components, pellets, preforms, granules – per m3.

Equipped with a hopper for bottom discharge the foldable MP Bulk box (MPB.b105.X) is unique with its design in Europe. It has the ability to supply bulk, smaller components or materials in (semi-) automated production operations with ease.

Small components or bulk materials can be discharged with high precision directly into a (semi-) automated production process.

The MP Bulk Boxes can also be used as collapsible transport containers, meaning that the goods can be transported directly after being loaded in automated packing stations and set for distribution per m3.

The collapsible MP bulk-box can make savings in the processing of materials with the ability to dispense the load precisely with ease, managing a capacity of up to 1200kg per collapsible pallet box.

When empty, the collapsible bulk container can be folded and stacked up to 5 times of the stacking height inside an average truck.

Precise dispensing

By partially opening the bottom outlet in the hopper bottom it is possible to precisely control the unloading process, which goes through the special worm wheel construction. The MP Bulk Containers are convenient to be used for transporting components or bulk cargo, such as granules, shells, and other standardized shaped products or components from Ø 8mm and up. When transporting materials with a smaller diameter, the use of an inside liner is appropriate.

Uninterrupted Machine Feeding

MP Bulk Containers have found their use in feeding components or small parts in (semi-) automated production lines or assembly lines. They can be placed on top of vibratory bowl feeders or feeders with (magnetic) conveyors for an automated feeding of the production- or assembly line.

You can achieve an uninterrupted supply to your machine feeder by stacking the containers in double height. By only changing the top of the two bulk containers, which is feeding the bottom bulk container, a continuous feed is ensured.

Economical freight shipping

The MP Bulk Containers allow a transport of components or bulk materials with the means of a regular truck stacking it in 2 layers. When empty, up to 5 bulk containers can be stacked into a single pallet place, lowering your freight costs for outbound and return transport.

Efficient Storage Use

For the need of optimizing storage use, the MP Bulk Containers can be stacked two times the stacking height. The bulk containers are efficient as a bulk storage, -transportation & dosed unloading system, being able to store components or bulk for a longer protecting them from contamination.


With a sliding outlet in its hopper bottom, the MP Bulk Containers has found its common usage feeding the assembly line or production machines with small parts or bulk material by precisely dispensing its content.

Furthermore, if placed directly from the truck on top of a machine feeder, the handling of materials gets more practical and efficient.

Another use for MP Bulk Containers is in component packing stations, making the cargo ready for shipment directly to the production facility of a customer.

Light-weight MP Bulk Containers are convenient for material handling logistics between production sites of various companies.

To sum up, the MP Bulk Hoppers can be found in a variety of industries, like automotive, chemicals, plastics, industrial equipment, and appliance components use. Manufacturers of plastic bottles, bottle caps, and battery sleeves have found it an effective solution for their processes of handling materials.

High-Quality Standards

With its light-weight but resistant construction the MP Bulk Containers, durable for heavy use through many (> 500) logistic movements and over a long (> 10 years) period of time in various circumstances. Its longevity can lower your operational costs.

The MP Bulk Containers are an flexible and efficient alternative to traditional hopper boxes typically used to store and dispense granular products or small components. reducing labor costs, packaging materials and materials handling costs.

Leasing & Pooling Options

On request, we can offer you leasing and pooling options of the MP Bulk Containers.for bigger projects.



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