In Store Product Displays

The MP Pallet Boxes can be used for the internal storage, transport and in-store display and materials handling of your retail merchandise (food and non-food). Using our folding cages gives you a handful of benefits than can contribute to successfully reaching your business goals.

Modular & Flexible Shop Display

As a retailer, your suppliers deliver their products at your distribution centre (DC). When they pack their products in MP Pallet Boxes your products can be sent to your shops without repacking them, thus using the MP Pallet Boxes as a convenient in-store product display.

Convenient mobility

By replacing the pallet of our pallet cages with pallet wheels equipped with 4 wheels, you can turn the MP Pallet Box into a practical trolley to ride through the shop.

Food retail solutions

Potatoes, Onions, Carrots

In food retail stores our pallet cages are used as in-store product display for bagged potatoes, onions and also carrots, mainly in eastern Europe.

Fresh fruit

For fresh fruit display we provide a model with a shelve halfway, which removes the pressure from the products at the bottom. (MPB.e70.FS & MPB.b80.FS). These pallet cages are provided with a folding window -convenient for shop employees and customers.

Non food retail

The MP Pallet Boxes can also be used as an effective and distinguishing in-store product display for large non-food retail companies. Per your requirements we can customize the pallet cages to accomodate the dimensions and functionality needed.

DIY – Garden Centres

In DIY retail shops the MP Pallet Boxes are used to display both boxed goods and bulk goods, including bags of sand or blistered articles that can be stacked inside.
Because the MP Pallet Boxes can (optionally) be completely stable with only 3 walls up and the front side open, our pallet cage guarantees maximum accessibility of the products.

Saving costs through quality

The MP Pallet Boxes have been developed and are constructed with great attention to details and using the best materials, ensuring a high level of resistance to many logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>15 years).
Low operational costs and easy repair combined with the quality provided evidently make the MP Pallet Box the best choise for your retail business pallet-box-logistics.

Leasing & Pooling

Per your request, we can offer leasing and pooling.



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