Internal Logistics

Internal Logistics

The three lines of products MPPAK offers, the MP Multibox, the MP Flexbox and the MP Bulk box, find a wide use for internal logistic processes, like transportation of goods, raw materials as well as semi-manufactured goods.

The Process of Handling Materials

Internal logistic processes are made more easy when using MP Boxes. They are efficient in supplying the production process with materials and components directly from internal storage.

The appliance of the MP Box as a supply buffer next to the production machine is also common. When combined with a big bag, smaller materials such as preforms, granulates and other bulk goods can be easily stacked, with the option of dumping the load trough a central bottom opening or a hopper bottom.

Collo Modular MP Box

With inside dimensions that exactly correspond to those of a standard size pallet box, the collo modular MP Multi-box gives the option to load transport boxes directly from a maritime container or truck into the pallet cage. The goods can be stacked for further safe storage and easily bu used for safe order pciking in a central warehouse.

Good Mobility

The MP Mulitbox can be also used as a trolley with a loading capacity of 1000kg for shorter distances in the internal logistics if equipped with a rolling pallet or trolley on 4 wheels.

Adaptable and Modular

The complete product line of the MP Multiboxes offers customers the choice of heights as well as different pallet sizes. The available standard options for pallet size of the inside heights are as follows (in mm):

800x1200mm 1000x1200mm
700mm 800mm
1050mm 1100mm
1100mm 1200mm
1400mm 1600mm
1800mm 1900mm
2200mm 2200mm

Furthermore, MP Multi-boxes are available in requested specifications.



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