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With the MP Box, one can get an alternative for the conventional stillage or pallet boxes with a lowering impact on costs.

Optimized Truck Load Capacity

The MP Box offers flexibility in height when transporting goods, using the maximum of truck space.

They can be stacked one above the other in double height when full, and when empty the collapsible stillages take up 16 MPboxes per pallet place, which makes the loading capacity of the truck optimal.

Putting it in numbers, with up to 64 fully loaded or 448 empty pallet containers per truckload savings can be gained on the returning transport.

Sea Transport Advantages

The MP Multibox comes with a design that can withstand the enormous torsional forces on the high sea. They manifest as the swinging of its heavy contents imposed on its four walls. The goods arrive safe and remain protected.

Protected Content during Transport

The wooden walls of the flexible pallet box protect the goods from outside punctures, so the cargo can arrive safely and without damage. Thanks to the stability and toughness of the walls which are strictly fixed on the pallet the load is fixated with high stability.

If requested, wider planks can be used for the walls meeting the requirements of any circumstance.

Stacking & racking 5 Times the Stacking Height with up to 5.000kg Capacity

MPboxes be stacked 5 times (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg) in a warehouse, making optimal use of the storage place.

Flexible Height on Demand

Along with different pallet sizes, and the possibility of choosing its height, the complete program of MP Multibox offers inside heights of our standard assortment as follows (in mm) for pallet size

800x1200mm 1000x1200mm
700mm 800mm
1050mm 1100mm
1100mm 1200mm
1400mm 1600mm
1800mm 1900mm
2200mm 2200mm

MP Multibox can be also be tailor made to your specifications on demand.

Efficient Discharge of Bulk Materials made Easy

On request, the MP Multibox can be delivered with an additional feature being able to dump the bulk load simply through a central opening in the pallet.

This product is notably suitable for handling processes of materials like pellets, preforms, granulate small components, etc.

Economical with High-Quality Demands

During the design of the MP Box many important issues have been taken in consideration, with attention for detail. Next to this the production includes the use of the best quality materials. Because of this its construction can withstand many logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>25 years) under various circumstances.

With all metal parts of the container galvanized, the outdoor use of this collapsible stillage is common.

Demanding low operational costs and easy maintenance, simultaneously combined with high-quality standards makes the MP Multibox a smart choice in logistics.

Leasing & Pooling Options

Leasing and pooling options are available for larger projects on demand.



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