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Flower Bulbs Export & Logistics

Pallet Boxes for the Transport and Export of Flower Bulbs

The MP Pallet Boxes are convenient for transporting flower bulbs over longer distances, making savings on operational costs. They have found its common use by greenhouse growers as well as for bulb storage- in the cut flower trade.

Savings during Transport

By loading the full pallet boxes double height in a truck, a maximum of 64 full pallet boxes per truck is achieved and the loading capacity of the truck gets optimized using the loading space wisely.

Up to 24 pallet boxes per pallet place and 672 empty pallet cages per truckload make high savings possible on the return transport.

The flexibility in height of the pallet assure a maximum loading capacity of the transporting truck.

Solutions for Sea Transport

Resisting the torsional forces imposed on the four pallet walls which manifest through swinging of its heavy contents on the high sea, makes the MP Pallet Boxes suitable for sea transport.

Easy and Effective Unloading of Bulk

MP Pallet Boxes can be delivered with additional features providing stability when dumping its content trough the bottom.

Ventilation System Solution

Flower bulbs can be optimally ventilated during export in the MP Pallet Boxes, which are a reusable packaging solution. The open wall structure provides the bulbs with optimal natural air ventilation during transport. Additionally, specially constructed pallet boxes where the openings have been optimized to fit with the usual ventilation systems can ensure a forced vertical air flow to the products. This is especially suitable for sea transport in a maritime container.

Stacking 5 Times the Stacking Height with up to 5.000kg

The MP Pallet Boxes allows stacking the boxed flower bulbs 5 times the stacking height (with a maximum of 5x 1.000kg) in a warehouse.

Quality with High Demands

The design of the MP pallet Boxes has been developed with attention for detail and produced with materials of the best quality. Because of this they withstanding many logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>25 years).

The galvanized metal parts, make them convenient for outdoor use as well.

Leasing & Pooling Options

Leasing and pooling options are available on demand for bigger projects, as well as on exporting goods to Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the CIS countries.



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