Efficient Warehousing

Warehousing made more easy

With the smart, flexible and effective MP Box, warehousing is made more easy, as an alternative for conventional pallet boxes, stillages, and transport cages.

Direct Delivery from the Central DC

The MP Box has found its use in a DC, where per-shop orders for large retail stores are managed. According to the order, every shop gets one container with the appropriate height, which can vary, neatly stacked in a truck ready for delivery.

For this occasion, a special model with a folding window on each side can be used in order to get easy access in the hallways of the central distribution center. After usage they can be neatly stacked (up to 40 boxes using only 1 pallet place) which is convenient as the space in the outlets is often limited.

Savings during the Materials Handling Process

Making the packaging system standardized with MP Boxes brings transparency in the whole process which can be done faster with fewer errors occurring. That is especially convenient for the manual order picking processes used for collecting supplies for retail outlet stores. In this way, savings can be achieved, as there is no need to open one or more cartons before picking the actual product. The products are directly accessible neatly stacked on the pallet cage.

Furthermore, packaging waste is brought to a minimum, making the MPbox environment-friendly.

The Collo Modular Pallet Box Solution

For the needs of internal logistics in the central warehouse, it can occur that goods need to be repacked from maritime containers into the racking system. For that convenience, MP Packaging came with two models of so-called collo modular pallet cages ( MPB.b80.T and MPB.e70.T). These models have outside dimensions that are 6 cm larger than that of a standard pallet, but the inside dimensions exactly fit those of a pallet. In that way, goods can be stacked directly into the MP Box, and used as a stable load carrier in the warehouse, with the option to stack them one above the other.

Additional storage is provided with this smart solution for temporary storage.

Stacking & racking Five Times with up to 5.000kg Load Capacity

With the MP Box pallet container, boxed potatoes or onions can be stacked in a warehouse 5 times with the capacity of a maximum of 5x 1.000kg.

Flexible Height on Request

The complete program of the MPbox comes with the choice of desired height as well as different pallet sizes. Our standard assortment offers the following inside heights (in mm) for pallet size :

800x1200mm 1000x1200mm
700mm 800mm
1050mm 1100mm
1100mm 1200mm
1400mm 1600mm
1800mm 1900mm
2200mm 2200mm

The MP Multi-box can also be delivered according to required specifications on request.

Economical with Proved Quality

Our production line in Holland is very careful when choosing materials for producing the MP Multi-box. Next to this the construction of the MPbox has been developed with a great attention for detail. According to this, it has proved durability in many logistic movements (>500) over a long period of time (>15 years).

Furthermore, the low operational costs and easy maintenance which come along with high-quality standards make the MP Box a smart and economical choice.

Leasing & Pooling Options

For bigger projects leasing and pooling is available on request.



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